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Full w114 / w115 Bolt-On Air Ride Kit

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Converting Your W114 or W115 never been that easy! We spend countless hours developing and perfecting ultimate bolt-on air ride kit, so you could enjoy seamless conversion, and ride quality that is compared to a modern E-Class.

Full Bolt-On Kit Includes:
2x Rear Bags with enclosed shock absorbers and metal plates
2x Front Bags and metal plates
4x Fittings for your air lines (please specify what fittings you want)

Analog Air management:
All necessary fitting elements
Air tank
2x electromagnetic valves
Air Compressor
Pressure gauge
Pressure relay
12v relay and other components
20m pneumatic hose
Other elements required for fitting.

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100% Bolt-On Install

We value our customers and their classic cars, thats why our kit can be installed without any modifications of the body or suspension. You don’t have to be Tony Stark to install our kit. If you knowhow to wrench old benz – the install will be a piece of cake.

  1. No rear shocks relocation
  2. No cutting or welding
  3. No modifications
  4. Attaches to stock mounts



Your Benz will be slammed to the ground!
The only limiting factor are the wheels and Mercedes-Benz subframe.

Suspension travel has wide range, with driving height same as stock suspension. This maximises authenticity and comfort.

100% Rebuildable

Our Bolt-on W114 / W115 kit was designed for true automotive enthusiasts. This means that you can replace every single part of kit with just basic tools.

All the replacement components are always available at our shop!


Period Correct Design


 We did our best to make sure that kit “blends in” perfectly into classic benz suspension:  no bright colors – just raw, clean finish that looks perfect.


Join our large Family!

We have many happy clients from all over the world. Here are some cool w114 and w115 with our awesome bolt-on air ride kit:


?? Dmitry Titarenko


?? Andrew Atherton


?? Nick Lawton

Get your Benz Bagged!

w114 and w115 bolt-on air ride kit:

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